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Enhancing your Ferazel experience

The Search For Lezaref

Ferazel goes off in search of his brother.

Quickly switch between custom level sets and graphics.
The Ninth Kingdom

A huge custom world project I'm part of, though it's still in beta. You just have to go see it.


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PCheese's Ferazel Site is meant to help those who play Ferazel's Wand and make their own Ferazel's Wand Levels. The site contains mostly content written by PCheese, such as utilities and guides to make level creation and use easier.

You can find links to other excellent Ferazel sites here.

This site is based on the Pasilda template found on Open Source Web Design.

This site uses a dynamic content management system written in PHP by PCheese.

I've been busy creating the Shoreline Youth Symphony Orchestra website and its own CMS, so hopefully one day I'll be able to move to that new CMS instead of the current one.

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